Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Save A Life

I was able to catch an advance screening of To Save A Life which is set for release in January.
The film follows Jake, a high school student with everything going for him: a scholarship to play basketball for his favorite team, his lifelong dream; his girlfriend is the most popular girl in the school, and he is the life of every party. A tragic event involving his former best friend begins the unravelling of Jake's life and relationships. Should he have treated people differently? Was his life really going anywhere that mattered? What is a real friend? These, and many more, questions swirl through Jake's mind and heart as he digs for answers.
I would recommend this film for anyone that interacts with teenagers, whether you are a teacher, youth minister, involved in a youth community program, or a parent. It will assist you in understanding the world that our teenagers live in everyday. It may even stir up your own life.
I encourage all of you to see this film which is set for release in January 2010. I have included the trailer below for your viewing. Learn more about the movie: here

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