Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green:The Circle (Book Zero) by Ted Dekker

I have been a Ted Dekker fan since reading Thr3e in 2003. When he published Book One (Black)of The Circle Trilogy, I gobbled it up in a short time. A few months later, I did the same with Book 2 (Red), and again a few months later with Book 3 (White). When I came to the end of the last installment, I remember screaming, "He can't do that to us on the last page of the last book!" Well he did do "that", but has returned with Green: Book Zero of the Circle Trilogy, which completes the Circle by serving as both the beginning and the end.

Green retells our history through a fantastical tapestry of good and evil, future and past, fantasy and reality. It is an apocalyptic tale that will intrigue you and frighten you.

I have to admit that I made my way through this book at a much slower rate than I did the other three books of the trilogy. I believe part of the problem was that it has been 5 years since I finished my reading of White.

In addition, there were points when I thought the story was dragging in comparison with the other books.
I wrestled with understanding how this book could be read either first or last. All that said, I was satisfied with the ending/beginning and pleased with how Dekker completed the circle. Overall, I see how someone could benefit from reading this book first or last and that there is much that can be gained from the truths found in this Circle Trilogy. Watch the trailer below for an introduction to this book.

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