Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to The Biggerness?

Welcome friends, family, and fellow travelers to the Biggerness!
Regardless of what you may be going through, where you find yourself, whatever you may believe or think, or whether or not you care, God is Bigger than all of it. All in life, good or bad, is governed and carefully aligned by the Master painter of the sunsets over the mountains and also of the vivid colors of the inhabitants of the coral reef. He is the designer and overseer of our lives and wants us to be with Him in this life and the life beyond. He made this possible through a river of blood that flows never-ending from the cross of Jesus, a river that becomes the river of life for those who will dive in and submerge themselves in its life giving waters.
Nothing that can be faced or encountered is bigger than Jesus, so I say along with the apostle Paul that "we are MORE than conquerors" (Romans 8:37) because a conqueror only gains the spoils of war. We, as partakers of the blood and salvation of the cross of Christ, gain fellowship and friendship with God himself. If the BIGGEREST thing in the universe and beyond is our friend and companion on the journey, the meaning of "enemy" fades into a roaring laughter that fills the darkest canyon and the coldest, hardest heart. Join me on the journey. Join THE BIGGERNESS!


Anonymous said...

Well said Jon! Our biggest enemy is believing we can handle our daily life the way "WE" want to handle it, leaving God completely out of it, and then ignorantly believing God will bless us. Prov. 1:26 says God laughs at our "woes" or calamities, for those of us who reject Him. We may think we are BIG in our own lives, but without the BIGGERNESS (love that word) of God directing our every breath, we are nothing!

Kat said...

You're right, Jon... God is the "biggerest thing in the universe and beyond," and for that I am very thankful. God's biggerness and His sovereignty brings me much peace. It will be exciting to see the fruit that God brings from this blog... in your family, in the body of Christ, in the community, in the world... Write on, brother!

Anonymous said...

There was much fanfare but nothing posted since it's inception.......

Anonymous said...

I think your website is great.
The BIGGERNESS OF GOD. I like it and will meditate on it.

I appreicate your take on movies and books, look forwarding to reading them.

God Bless you and your family.