Sunday, January 4, 2009

About The Biggerness

When I click on a website, especially any sort of blog, the first question I ask is What will I find here that may be of interest to me? If I am still interested, I then look to see what sort of links there are to other sites. This will give me an idea of where the writer/host is coming from and from what particular persuasion of thought he is launching from as indicated by the company he keeps.

Stemming from the fact that this blog is just getting started and is not crowded with posts or links, I decided I would lay out what you will and will not find here. Hopefully this make the decision simpler for you as to whether to bookmark or move on to something else.

What You Will Find

  1. General commentary on life, social issues, and happenings

  2. Movie Reviews ( I am going to attempt to write on every movie I see, whether new or old, with the focus on how the Gospel of Christ speaks into it)
  3. Book Reviews (Just like the movies, I am going to write on the books I am reading)

* If there is a particular issue, movie, or book you would like me to comment on, feel free to let me know and I will get to it as soon as possible. For books, I won't comment until I have read it completely, so be patient when it comes to reading a post on these recommended books. Movies can be taken on at a much quicker rate. Other issues will depend on whether or not I have to do extended outside research.

What You Will Not Find

  1. A diary of my life and the life of my family (We value our privacy as much as you and I plan to honor that desire for it)

  2. My other creative writings. I have committed 2009 to serious pursuit of getting published.Therefore, my fiction and non fiction material that I will attempt to submit for publication will not be shared here. If you are a writer, you will understand my reason for this.

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