Thursday, January 8, 2009

Probably No God?

There's Probably No God? Probably? In the picture you can see the new bus ad campaign that is currently underway in Britain. It is spearheaded by the British Humanist Association and promoted by atheist Richard Dawkins, bestselling author of The God Delusion. The campaign is running as a response to an advertising campaign that said such things as "Jesus died for your sins" and provided a website that stated that people that reject Jesus will burn in hell.

What I find fascinating about the campaign is the slogan they chose to make the atheistic point. It is not an atheistic point at all. It is agnostic. How can you adamantly and publicly claim atheism and then promote your lack of confidence? Well, that is exactly what they have done. It proves the point to me that when it comes down to the final words and what ground atheists will stand on, it is not ground at all. Like the old Christian hymn says about standing on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ: All other ground is sinking sand. I think the action point of the ad slogan makes the real point when it says "now stop worrying and enjoy your life." This implies that God is the cause of worry and the hindrance to a person enjoying life. I am in full support of the annihilation of worry; Jesus said not to worry in Matthew 6 because the heavenly Father (God)will take care of those who seek first his kingdom. I also believe in an enjoyable life; Jesus promised that in John 10:10 for those who enter through him, the gate: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. He says in John 10:9: I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. Do all Christians live a worry-free and abundant life. Of course not. We have all sinned and this life will be a continual process of being redeemed and molded to be like Jesus. But we can put our confidence and hope in Christ. These hopeful promises are reserved for those who are clothed in Christ. We that are in Christ will one day live on the New Earth in eternity as described in Revelation 21-22. I am sure of this and put my faith in the saving blood of Jesus, because the Biggerness of this reality doesn't rely on God "probably" existing. God does exist and we will all bow before Him one day in surrender, judgment and worship. At that moment, a cry of "I SAID YOU PROBABLY EXISTED!" will not be enough. That friends, is not a probably, it is a fact! Call on the name of Jesus and be saved from this corrupt generation.


Anonymous said...

I find it increditable how the name of Jesus invokes such hatred from people in general in today's world. In the bible, Jesus talks about salvation from sin, peace, contentment, happiness, security, love, and etc. So why is it that people are more apt to accept the names of other false prophets and gods? I would assume someone trying to answer this question would say, "christians try to cram the gospel down the throats of others and most christians are hypocrites anyway". The gospel offends the secular world because of the truth about an everlasting judgement if we don't turn our lives over to Christ. God's word is perfect truth and is everlasting. If we don't adjust our way of thinking to the truth of God, then God's justice will adjust itself to us when we stand before Him on judgement day (one way or the other). And one last comment and something to think about........if we are so offended by the name of Jesus, just take a look at what's happening around the world with Islam. Who would have thought a few years ago that Islam would be taking over France and England?

Brian said...

Hi Jon.

Interesting post. My initial reaction to the bus banner is that regardless of our personal beliefs, we have to respect the right to maintain free speech. Not everyone believes the same things - or at all for that matter. It seems as if this banner is a reaction to a website whose message is about non-believers burning in Hell. I am under the philosophy that preaching hell and brimstone will not bring a person to Christ. There has to be a balance of Christ's love for ALL of his children as well as the consequences of rejecting his offer for eternal life. Too many religions/churches/congregations are focusing on the damnation offered by Christ and neglecting to inform a non-believer in the joys one can experience by knowing and accepting Christ. Simply put, many people are turned away from religion because of the negative attention many churches or pastor draw.

I don't agree with the campaign being promoted on the buses; however, I see why they exist - as a reaction to the perceived line some people see drawn in the sand. On one side there is a message saying that Jesus is going to send you to hell for A, B, C... with no real explanation why. There is no message of love, grace, or charity - just "You are going to Hell".

It is all about how the message is spread and the content of the message.

Great post to get me thinking this morning. Makes me want to tell someone that Jesus loves them today.


Anonymous said...

In response to Brian's comment, the bible talks more about hell and destruction than it does about heaven. It's a large part of scripture, and as christians, we shouldn't be concerned if speaking God's truth is going to offend an unbeliever. Trying not to offend a person does not change the fact that the Lord himself talked about hell and condemnation. Churches today are getting away from preaching an everlasting punishment possibly because they think they can bring in greater numbers. Yes, the gospel should be spoken in love, but I personally believe we should never omit a large part of God's word just because we think it offends an unbleiver. The BIGGERNESS of God through the work of the Holy Spirit will convict the unbeliever. In my own personal life, it was the preaching of an everlasting hell that left an impact on me. For others, I know it was a different experience. But not ONE word of God's perfect truth will ever return unto Him void. God is love, but He will also meet out His justice by way of an everlasting hell. His love never trumps his justice. They work together for God's purpose.