Thursday, July 22, 2010

Broken Toys and Smiles of Life-Kenya 2

Day one at Fountain of Hope Church, Nairobi found me strolling the grounds, taking in the Kenyan air with each breath, looking for God in the simple flowing moments of living. A single boy, wearing the blue shirt that all the boys wear, played in the dusty yard next to the church. He joyfully kicked a flattened ball of surgical green. His time of play and enjoyment was not tethered by the faultiness of a non-bouncing ball.

He stopped and graced me with his smile as I snapped this picture. It is a great reminder to me of how God uses us. I am full of faults, a ball with no bounce. Yet, through Him I can still smile and be part of the celebration of life. The world is imperfect, but in Christ all is being made perfect.

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