Friday, April 6, 2012

Beckon by Tom Pawlik

Jack Kendrick is in search of his father who went missing 12 years earlier while researching an ancient indian tribe in Wyoming. Elina Gutierrez is searching for her missing cousin. George Wilcox is searching for a cure for his wife's Alzheimer's.
Three individuals with pure motives converge on the town of Beckon. What they find there is also pure...pure evil. Lurking within, around, and especially beneath, is a darkness that not only eats flesh, but eats one's soul.
Tom Pawlik, Christy award winner, brings us his latest story, Beckon. Pawlik blends suspense, horror, and action/thriller with Beckon. I had never read one of his stories so wasn't sure what to expect. Though there were plot situations that made me think of other stories, this one kept my attention and had enough unique elements to not turn me off. I was intrigued by the tribe and found myself asking morality questions of myself when some of the characters were faced with difficult how far would I go to save my own life or the life of someone I dearly love?
If you like adventure and thriller stories, you will like this one. It reads like a good movie (Tom, if you read this, I recommend you write a screenplay based on your story) because it is a good blend of genres to satisfy most readers or viewers.
This book was provided free to me from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

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