Friday, January 13, 2012

I am Second

Everyone loves a good story, whether it be told on the big screen in visual form, in a book, or in conversation with a friend. We all seem to be moved especially by a story that actually happened. These stories inspire us to be better people and to appreciate life and others at a deeper level. God is the great storyteller and He is writing each and everyone of our stories, even if we don't accept it or even like it. His desire is for us to surrender our stories to Him. In the surrender, He becomes the focal point and we are given peace, forgiveness, and purpose. We must say the God is first and I am second. In their recent book I Am Second, Doug Bender and Dave Sterrett share 20 stories from people who have made God first and made the proclamation that "I am Second."
The stories include rock stars, successful businessmen and athletes, and others who are not as widely known or not known at all. When faced with God, they all found that they have the same need. They needed to be rescued from the wreckage and chaos that their lives had become. In the rubble, God became real and their lives were changed forever.
I Am Second has such varied stories that the readers will find personal connection at some point in the reading and will most likely see pieces of their own stories scattered throughout the book. If you prefer to watch a video and hear the story told by the actual person, a QR code is provided so you can do just that. Additional codes are added at the end of each story if you want to watch other videos for stories not included as part of the book.
I recommend this book to anyone searching for God and meaning, but also to those (like myself) who have those moments of wondering what God is doing or possibly struggling with purpose and sensing God's presence. This book is a powerful reminder of what can happen when you put God first in your life and boldly claim: I am Second!!
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