Wednesday, August 24, 2011

100 Read and Sing Devotions

God created us for praise and worship of Him. He desires for us to sing praises to Him, study His Word, and communicate with Him in prayer. He also has a special place in his heart for children, which we see in Jesus as He continually gathered the children around himself to show what the Kingdom of God looks like. 100 Read and Sing Devotions by Stephen Elkins and beautifully illustrated by Tim O'Connor is a great book to help in leading children into Kingdom life.

This devotional book is unlike most I have seen for children in that it combines several important elements to disciple a child's heart. These elements are found as the devotions follow the following format:

  1. A Bible song: The song provides the foundation for what the focus of that particular devotion. The book comes with 2 cd's containing all 100 songs.
  2. A short, easy to understand devotion that points to God and Jesus.
  3. "Word Watch": A short scripture highlighting that devotion's topic.
  4. "My Prayer for Today": A short (one or two sentence/phrase) prayer.

Also, the book is designed in a "padded" hard cover format, having the feel of a soft cover with the durability of a hardback. Some kids are hard on books and this one should be able to take it.

I really only have one minor complaint about this book, but it is good for potential purchasers to know. It contains the 100 songs (each running at about a minute in length) but the book only contains the first line or two of the lyrics. Complete lyrics would be helpful in helping parents (or grandparents) to teach the songs, since some of the songs may be unfamiliar. An online site to download the lyrics, if needed, would have been acceptable, but I couldn't find anything anything in the book addressing this.

I am impressed with this book and look forward to using it to read and sing songs with my granddaughter.
I received this book free of charge from the program in exchange for my honest review.

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