Wednesday, May 26, 2010

66 Love Letters by Larry Crabb

In 66 Love Letters, Larry Crabb embarks on a conversational journey through all 66 books of the Bible. In an unusual style, Crabb intertwines his struggles with living the Christian life with responses being communicated from God in the Bible. I don't usually take a long time to read a book, but this one took me several months. I discovered in the early pages that if I was going to benefit from this book, I would have to take it slow. Once I was comfortable with the alternating from Crabb's voice then to God's, I was able to move at a more rapid pace. One of the major truths communicated in the book was how God never promises an easy or comfortable earthly life for His people. In fact, suffering and pain are more common for those choosing the narrow road. I was weighed down at times over this recurring theme, but God kept reminding me to trust Him for what is to come and hope found its way in. I appreciated being pointed to some golden passages in the Bible that are easily missed in some of the least-read books. I recommend this book, but not if you want a quick read or if you want to hear how God wants you to live a comfortable pain-free life. Here is the final paragraph to give you a taste of God's 66 Love Letters to you:

Trust Me. Things are not as they seem. My Son is right now bringing His kingdom to earth. The collision of kingdoms, the resistance of everything opposed to My plan, is the source of all the upheaval in the world. My Son will judge severely. The forces of evil will be destroyed. And He will bless abundantly. My story is about to end in the eternal day of a new way to live in a new world, Can you hear the music? The party is underway. It won't be long till My Son makes everything new. And then you'll really dance!

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