Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plan B by Pete Wilson- Book Review

We all have a picture of what our lives should look like. Call them plans, dreams, expectations or whatever you choose. That is Plan A. What happens when the unexpected breaks in to our existence? It could be a job loss, illness, divorce or betrayal, or death. How are we to cope or respond when we suddenly have to resort to Plan B, the reality of life when we think God has let us down by not showing up in the pain and disappointment?

Drawing from his personal stories and experiences as a pastor and from Biblical texts and accounts, Pete Wilson has given us a valuable tool that I think most, if not all, people will be able to relate to and gather vital truths to help in Plan B living.

I have read much lately on the topic of suffering and pain. One thing I appreciate about Plan B is the way Pete Wilson shares as a fellow struggler, not talking down to his readers, but walking with them on their journeys through life. He doesn't give trite answers and quote scripture as if it will make the difficulties go away. In fact, there are times when he humanly and honestly admits that he doesn't have the answers. He does provide real stories, within scripture and from people he knows personally, making Plan B a comfortable read on an uncomfortable topic. He looks at the illusion of control, darkness, and what God is doing when we are waiting on Him. He explains the importance of having "me too" people in our lives and how lives can be transformed through tragedy. He doesn't wrap everything up neatly with a pretty bow, but he does leave you at the cross and embracing hope. Is there a better place to end? Thanks to Pete Wilson for a well written and much needed book.

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